There are so many people who have helped me along... I will start reverse chronologically.

mattoidINK This is an excellent site on the net, has tech links and a nice cultural twist that makes the site worth while. The owner/Operator Paul is a very good friend of mine, we have helped each other out on a few projects from setting up an MS box to playing with a flavour of Linux. Paul has some excellent insight on the going trends. Check out his site for sure

DanP Many a pizza did we eat while working on computers in the service bay, Computer are an excellent way of keeping your food warm. I am hoping to get some info on Dan's site, Dan is a gaming guru, excellent networking engineer and one heck of a PC technician.

Kirk Sculland is my brother in law, he is a programmer and uses Java, Visual-Basic * C++,JavaScript, HTML, Perl and other languages I'm sure. Kirk has his own Domain as well He has an area that you can look up programming questions.

Sensei Mike and Sensei Laura run a family orientated Dojo. Both Sensei's are certified in Japan, Please feel free to check out there site, better yet, come down for a class. They offer training in :

  • Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate
  • Yama Bushi Aiki Ju Jitsu
  • Shaolin Chuan Fa
  • Okinawan Kobudo (weapons)

  • On the dojo page you will see pictures from classes in the above arts.